Painter. Mentor. Magician. Otto Mueller and his artistic network in Wrocław

9 April – 30 June 2019

Curators: Barbara Ilkosz, Dagmar Schmengler

Works by the famous Expressionist and painter from the Die Brücke Group, Otto Mueller, together with works by other artists representing the Wrocław [Breslau] artistic community of that time are showcased in an exhibition jointly prepared by the National Museum in Wrocław, Nationalgalerie in Berlin (Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin), and also the Alexander and Renata Camaro Foundation (Alexander und Renata Camaro Stiftung).

This is the first exhibition focused on the enormous influence which was exercised by Otto Mueller (1874–1930), who for over ten years taught in the State Academy of Art and Artistic Craft in the then Breslau, which during his time was considered to be one of the most progressive art schools in Europe. The Academy enjoyed the reputation of being liberal and open to new influences, giving equal standing to the diverse trends in contemporary painting: Expressionism represented by Oskar Moll, the New Objectivity – Alexander Kanoldt and Carlo Mense, and Bauhaus – Oskar Schlemmer, Georg Muche and Johannes Molzahn.

Maler. Mentor. Magier. Otto Mueller und sein Netzwerk in Breslau / Malarz. Mentor. Mag. Otto Mueller a środowisko artystyczne Wrocławia – the exhibition was organized by: Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, in collaboration with the Alexander and Alexander und Renata Camaro Stiftung, with the assistance of the following institutions: Freunde der Nationalgalerie, Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Kulturstiftung der Länder, Fundacja Współpracy Polsko-Niemieckiej.